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last updated 2016-08-10

Want to email me? You can reach me here: rachaelspaniel@aol.com (don’t forget the extra a in Rachael)

Some favourite posts from this blog here

I’m Scared is the title of my most popular blog post. In summary, it includes my public coming out as bisexual and my leaving of the ordination process in the Anglican Church of England. And of course, I’m scared. Scared of being hated for my nature. Scared that judgement and evil will always have power. Scared that peace will not come.

The Basics
I’m 22 years old, born on April 1st 1994, and none of my relatives are actually Christians. It took me a while to be courageous enough to be myself, but I began to openly express my life-long need for spirituality when I began attending my local Anglican Church when I was 15 years old. I spent three years there before moving to Wales to study Theology in university. Since then I have settled down in Wales with my wife, and am taking a break from study.

I graduated from Marple College with A Levels in English Literature, Religious Studies, and Classical Civilisation. I completed my BA in Theology at the University of Wales: Trinity Saint David, Lampeter (years 2012-2016) and went straight onto a Masters, in which I received a 2:1.

What kind of Christian, what kind of Anglican?
I’m a Liberal myself, and before leaving the Church in August 2013 I was a regular attendee of the highish end of the Church of England. I love older hymns alongside a church organ as well as quiet spaces for prayer opposed to modern praise music with a band. I’m for gay marriage, for gender equality, for openness and continual growing, for open communion, for love. Whilst I find myself very uncomfortable in an evangelical setting, I have made various trips to meet with those of other faiths and traditions in the hope of bringing a little more unity in our divided world. Though I still feel attached to Anglicanism in some way, I am fond of Unitarianism.

Significant Moments?

My “conversion moment” would probably come down to my 8 year old self standing under a cherry blossom tree (post here). I attended my first Sunday service on the 12th July 2009, was baptised on 25th October 2009, confirmed on 5th December 2010, served for the first time on April 20th 2011, and preached for the first time on 22nd January 2012. I came out as bisexual and ceased being a regular member of the Church in August 2013. In March 2016 I got married to my wonderful wife Florence!

I play the piano, the organ, the (left-handed) acoustic guitar and the harmonica. I am very passionate about music. Favourite musicians? To name a few: Ludovico Einaudi, Bon Iver, Jimmy Eat World and Fleet Foxes. My love of choral music is a little hard to narrow down.

I like reading (some favourites here), and my ever-increasing collection now means that I am never short of something to read, or re-read. Etymology fascinates me and deepens my understanding and love of scriptural passages, so I recommend studying the “roots” of things. I am also a big film lover (see my recommended films page for some of my favourites).

19 Responses to About Me

  1. rainbowheartlove says:

    That is a nice picture on the top there. Did you take that picture? You stated that you like photography, so it seemed that you may have taken it.
    I’m trying to better understand Martin Luther’s teachings since I am Lutheran. I grew up outside of the church and joined during my teen years. I hope you manage to become an Anglican Priest like you want to.

  2. Elliebellycustard says:

    Wow rachael; it’s a proper website!!!!!!!!!! the picture of the trees is beautifulxxxxx i am just off to explore the sitexx

  3. alcianajohns says:

    Interesting blog. I like it. I’ll start following – we may finish up with some interesting discussions or questions as I am anglican too, but fairly low church and evangelical – and an Aussie. I promise nothing horrible though, I’m just interested in your writing and ideas.
    If you decide to check out my blog, it works as a story and you’ll understand it better if you from closer to the beginning forwards than going backwards. I’ve not gotten up to writing the next chapter yet…

  4. I would just like to say follow your dream, It looks very familiar to my own having just graduated from university (doing Theology), I’m having a gap year then coming back to start the discernment process proper. God be with you 🙂

  5. Good luck with your goals! You seem very mature and passionate for a 17 year old 🙂

  6. serpentium says:

    Great story, happy for your journey!

  7. PJH says:

    Very informative and interesting – always be true to yourself and your heart and you’ll be fine! V Proud!

  8. Steven Sarff says:

    Good Morning, I nominated you for a Liebster Award. I think your messages are great and believe others will find them helpful too. Click on my site to find out more.

  9. Wonderful blog. Wise, insightful and familiar in that I grew up in an Anglican church, love and am studying theology and have been wondering about ordination for several years.
    Every blessing Rachael and I’ll follow your posts 🙂

  10. BC says:

    Hi Rachael,enjoyed reading your page and I have e mailed you 2 sunset photos which you may find of interest. Your comments are heartwarming and I read your page often. Love, best wishes and good luck in all you do.

  11. Hilary j young says:

    HiRacheal have missed you this summer ! Hope you are happy. Am enjoying your blog. Stay well& go well. Hils

  12. Sandi Athey says:

    Hi, Rachael. Thank you so much for including me in your forgivness blog. Forgivness is one of my favorite things! I send you a big hug of appreciation and gratitude for spreading the love. Safe Journeys, Sandi Athey

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