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A Thankyou

THANKYOU to all the people that have written to me over the last week. I can’t believe how many emails and comments both here and on facebook I have received after last week’s post. And to all those who haven’t … Continue reading

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Postmodern Evangelism

Many thanks to fellow Bramhall ordinand Paul David Deakin for sharing with meĀ his thoughts and the thoughts of others onĀ postmodern evangelism. To be postevangelism is to live our lives in Christ without a strategy but with the compassion and the … Continue reading

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Liebster Blog

Steven Sariff messaged me last night to let me know that he’d nominated me for a Liebster Blog Award. At this point I nearly had a heart attack – is this some kind of blogging Oscar, how is this possible … Continue reading

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I took a trip up to Mirfield College today to visit my good friend Paul. Present at my baptism, my confirmation, and all of my first two years of Church life, and my presence as he began to explore ordained … Continue reading

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All the Best to the Deakins

(A few more photos here) Tonight in a service of Evensong we waved our brother, Paul David Deakin, off to Mirfield to train as a priest. And a great one he’ll be! All the best to him and his family. … Continue reading

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