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Plaisir d’Amour

I went to a Folk night (acoustic only) recently, and it was great. A fairly small room but about 40 of us sat inside by candle-light with people playing the guitar, singing, telling short stories and poetry, a lot of … Continue reading

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The Accordion

The Accordion. An instrument I had come to associate with street musicians and the French, I was surprised to hear it sounding through the wall between my house and my next-door neighbours as they celebrated a Happy Birthday. Many songs … Continue reading

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Say Yes

Listen carefully. The poem is called “Say Yes”, written and performed by Andrea Gibson. The words are below for you to read along (I’ve put some of my favourite bits in bold)… when two violins are placed in a room … Continue reading

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We Move Lightly

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Yesterday I spoke of dancing as a way of expression. Dancing (as personalised movement rather than stuck repeated sequences) is a personal favourite of mine, as is music, both of which I personally can only submerse myself in completely when … Continue reading

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Dance Freely

Today I took time to sit down with a novel. It is The Return by Victoria Hislop, which I saved from the charity pile which my parents formed when they sorted through their books from the attic. Published in 2008, … Continue reading

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Feel It

I’ve been wondering about what to blog about today, and have many various pieces of music which I could share. But I restrain myself, sharing only one piece a week, because otherwise my blog would rarely contain words! So today … Continue reading

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