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Everything Wrong With The Cursed Child

I was hesitant when I purchased J. K. Rowling’s Cursed Child script, and as it turns out, this was for good reason. The beloved characters of the Harry Potter series have been described in completely uncharacteristic ways, and the plot either has holes … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Dearest Ivy

On Ivy’s 89th birthday back in 2010 I wrote a poem for her. A part of it was: Your heart is kind, you seem so great You’re someone that no-one could hate. How true that was. Rest in Peace dearest … Continue reading

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The Danish Girl v Man Into Woman

I wanted to write a post comparing the recent film release The Danish Girl with the book written by Niels Hoyer, Man Into Woman, which contains diary entries and letters from Lili Elbe herself, and stories of her life written by … Continue reading

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God Bless Our Union

There was a time when I was prepared to commit myself to a life in the Anglican Church as a priest. A significant reason for my withdrawal was their position on homosexuality; as a bisexual I could not commit myself … Continue reading

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To Remember with Thanksgiving and Sorrow

As I have done for many years, I made sure to watch BBC’s Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance. For each year that I have watched it, a particular moment has stuck in my mind. For me, it is usually … Continue reading

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I Support Love

John-Michael Parker, a member of the band, said in an interview with the Advocate: we share the belief that all people deserve the opportunity to live happy, healthy, and self-expressed lives, that people should be able to love who they want to … Continue reading

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The Presentation of the Lord

Lk 2:21-24 “Presenting Jesus in the temple for circumcision… Mary and Joseph offer a pair of doves or two young pigeons for Mary’s purification according to the Law (Lev 12:8). According to Leviticus, the preferred offering was a young lamb… … Continue reading

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