Plaisir d’Amour

I went to a Folk night (acoustic only) recently, and it was great. A fairly small room but about 40 of us sat inside by candle-light with people playing the guitar, singing, telling short stories and poetry, a lot of which were beautiful original pieces and some which were well-known which we could all join in with.

To me, I felt like that night was like church. We all gathered in one place with a shared love in something, and shared stories and emotions in music and poetry. We didn’t talk about explicitly about Jesus, no, but we talked about life and love in a way I think God would be happy about. We had moments of reflective sadness, with songs about loneliness and loss, we had more upbeat songs such as The Wild Rover which got us all singing and stamping our feet, and we had funny stories to laugh to.

Psalm 133:1 How very good and pleasant it is when kindred live together in unity!

I loved most of the music that night, but the one that has been most in my mind since has been Plaisir d’Amour, sang then by mother and daughter.

The pleasure of love lasts only a moment
The grief of love lasts a lifetime.

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