Christmas starts with Christ

I often get stressed and worried when Christmas comes around because I’m thinking about how I should be spending it and what it should mean to me and to others. I worry that it has become too secularised, that we don’t think about ‘Christ’ enough and that Jesus is forgotten. My partner told me that Jesus isn’t forgotten because he’s in my head and in my heart throughout Christmas, and in hers, and in other peoples too. She also reminds me often that God is Love, and so I can see that a Christmas spent with people I love is a Christmas spent with God, and that Jesus would be happy to see it as a time of love, and of coming together. I’ve watched the above video, “Christmas starts with Christ”, several times since I saw the advert, and my attention is so often drawn to the man in the video, and the huge love displayed in his face.

Christmas starts with Christ. Christmas is the story of the power of love. I hope you have a joyous, merry, love-filled Christmas.

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