Trinity, Andrea Gibson and Live Below The Line

Ship of Fools’ Lego Trinity

Over the last two weeks I have done so much reading for my first assignment of the semester on the Trinity. I can’t write my ideas down on here right now because of copyright and submission rules, but I will recommend a book!

Stanley J. Grenz’s 2004 Rediscovering the Triune God: The Trinity in Contemporary Theology is a great book for anyone interested in exploring the Trinity, whether you are interested in the “action” of the triune God biblically and historically, or in the logical concepts in trinitarian thinking.

I’ve also been re-visiting the wonderful poet Andrea Gibson, and have begun Lauren Oliver’s novel Delirium, about a world where love is treated as a disease and the “Sympathisers” who disagree are taken out by the government. Should be an interesting read!

Some of you will remember me fundraising for Christian Aid last year, taking part in the Live Below the Line project, where I spent five days experiencing what it was like to live on £1 a day. A lot harder than it sounds, and though an experience I recommend everyone experience at least once so that you have a better understanding of the poverty of far too many people, I am not doing it again this year. However, my partner Florence is! She is even planning on doing it for two weeks. She is raising money for Save the Children this year, and if you would like to donate you can see her profile page here. If you are interested in finding out more about Live Below the Line click here, and if you want to look back at my experience last year you can see my blog posts here!

Last year I managed to raise £450 and Florence raised £355. Together that was £805! If you would have donated to me this year, please donate to her. Seeing as she is doing two weeks, think of it as her taking on my week for me! To say that I cannot bring myself to take part again should emphasise just how difficult it is. Despite that I do encourage those who have not tried it before, to give it a go at least once. It really affects your perspectives.

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