Responding to Hampson’s “After Christianity”, Introduction

Responding to the Introduction: A Shift in Paradigm

Daphne Hampson, After Christianity (London: SCM Press, 1996)

Hampson describes Kant’s view that far too much of humanity act as minors, afraid to step out and make personal decisions, afraid to think for oneself. With a strong beginning, this book challenges the reader to really think when reading this book – what is the belief here? Does it make sense to me?

The chapter explores the “Shift in Paradigm” – the Enlightenment.

Beyond autonomy (a falsely conceived autonomy which presupposes monadic selves) there must be a move to relationality and not back to a heteronomous relation to a Christian God. (pg 11)

Hampson’s belief is that Christianity has become untenable after this shift in paradigm. I will be interested to read more of how she supports this idea.

Tip for reading this book: Keep a dictionary handy!

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