Prayer, Birth and Music

With assignments finished for the year I have a few weeks in Lampeter without deadlines.

I’ve spent some time in a mosque learning about how Muslims pray. I liked their rhythm and music, and how they pray humbly, taking off their shoes and bowing. I saw God in this prayer. But I do not see God in the actions of covering heads, or in the division of genders. Yet although we have our differences, our two religions have common ground. I enjoyed sharing with them.

After the Sunday morning service in St Peters, me and some friends headed out for a walk to Falcondale Lake. There, we found 7 newborn baby swans on the lake with their parents.

Swans on Falcondale Lake

Swans on Falcondale Lake

Lots of music, with time to listen to the music I already had, and to discover new delights (Phoenix Chorale for example, the song at the top of this post is beautiful, as is the Northern Lights album). I’ve been learning a couple of new songs on the organ, and on Saturday night I went to the Lampeter Summer Ball. A good week!

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