Living Below the Line: Day One

Food from Day One of Living Below the Line

As you’ll see from the list below, the food we have is very basic. I’m hungry, and having spent the day with something of a headache, suffering from caffeine withdrawal, I am wishing coffee wasn’t so expensive! I also wish I could have a chocolate yoghurt round about now, and some cheesecake would be great too. Today I’ve eaten two pieces of bread, two scrambled eggs, pasta with meatballs, and two carrots. Bear in mind that all this food was Sainsburys basics brand!

Already my eyes are opened to how tough it could be to be living on so little. If the cost of water was included in this challenge then 2 litres for the day would have cost an additional 17p. If I was living in somewhere like the poverty-stricken parts of Africa I wouldn’t have easy access to clean water, a toilet, soap, toothpaste, freshly cleaned clothes, and there wouldn’t be a Sainsburys with which to buy even the most basic food, having to spend the day toiling for it rather than studying in a quiet room as I have done… lots to think about already.

2 slices of Sainsburys basics white bread: 4.5p
2 Sainsburys basics eggs: 33.3p
1/4 of a pack of Sainsburys basics pasta: 9.8p
Half a tin of Sainsburys basics pork and bacon meatballs: 20p
2 Sainsburys basics carrots: 5p
2 Sainsburys basics tea bags: 0.7p
Sainsburys basics UHT skimmed milk used for tea: 2p

Total for the day = 75.3p

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2 Responses to Living Below the Line: Day One

  1. Simon Marsh says:

    Well done Rachael Elizabeth. Sending encouragement and cheers x

  2. pauldeakin says:

    Hi Rachael, well done. Kepp up 75p a day and you can have a binge on Friday for £2 ! take care, Paul. x

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