The Quality of Convictions

Psalm 3:6
I will not be afraid of hordes of the peoples that have set themselves against me all around.

I didn’t take this photograph…

From the Huffington Post article…

…demonstrators gathered in 75 French cities to oppose the bill which would allow gay marriage and adoption. The picture was shot during the rally in the city of Marseille and as the two women are seen kissing in the forefront, faces of shocked protesters can be seen in the background.

Interviewed by French gay magazine Têtu the two young women explained they are both straight, but wanted to draw attention to the issue with a pure and simple gesture of solidarity.

Romain Pigenel: This snapshot brings out a simple and efficient mechanism: the one of the opposition between reason and emotion, between the power of the image and the complexity of the slogan. The protesters are holding signs and screaming claims that cannot exist, to make sense, in the instantaneity of the photograph.

Gérard Julien (the photographer): This picture, it’s like the story of the biter bit, a reversal of symbolism without their knowing it. Everyone has been surprised by this shot. The protesters were in shock!

In the final Harry Potter film Remus Lupin says “it is the quality of ones convictions that determines success, not the number of followers.” As these two women were surrounded by a horde of people who objected to same-sex love, the quality of their convictions shone through, and destroyed their protest, bringing more people around the world together for equality.

My photo of the day is far less dramatic, but nice… I spent an evening playing guitars and ukulele with Florence…

Guitars (Red – mine on the left – and Ianto – right) and Ukulele (Ukie)

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