Marley and Me (and Sheep)

Marley and Me DVD

I remember finding the book of ‘Marley and Me’ when I went to Borders with my mum. At this time it was a new release, so I find it pretty remarkable that it’s such a bold memory for me, spotting it back in 2005 when I was eleven. Then I suppose I probably shouldn’t be too surprised, as there was a picture of a dog on the front cover, and I love dogs. Really love dogs. Watched the film today after church. Really good. Since watching it in the cinema I have never watched the ending again! The first three quarters is funny and moving while not devastatingly traumatic…

…on my way up to St Peters this morning for the 11am church service I stopped to watch a young man feeding a sheep in the nearby field. Fascinating to me. Before moving to Wales to study I lived near Manchester, a big bustling city. No sheep, just a few horses every now and then. I love observing sheep but as soon as I step into their field they all stare at me and I’m always scared they will charge, though my flatmate (who has lived in Wales for most of her life) tells me they only stare because they hope I will feed them. Maybe at some point in the next few years I’ll feed them or stroke them! Time I spent some more time in the fields I’ve been blessed with here…

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One Response to Marley and Me (and Sheep)

  1. PJH says:

    I think you’ll find I was there as well x

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