St David’s Organ and Evan Chapman

St David’s University Chapel Organ

Spent a fair amount of time in the organ loft of the university chapel today after an early morning lecture. Wonderful instrument, great to have been given the key to play it in my spare time. I’m trying out for an organ scholarship next week; if I don’t get it I’ll still be very happy to play it in my spare time, with the piano, guitar and harmonica too. Music is so very important to me. Sorry the song of the week is late again, but here’s something I think you’ll love. Evan Chapman covers Bon Iver’s ‘Holocene’ with various percussion instruments…

Victoria Hislop’s words come back to me again…

She recognized the music. It was one of the tracks that they had danced to that afternoon and the familiarity of its rhythm gave her confidence. It was neither too slow, nor too fast. The five minutes that followed were intimate, energetic, enlivening and physical. Almost immediately she felt the welcome synchronicity between her mind and body as her feet began to move without instruction. It was as though the invisible ropes that kept her anchored to the ground had been severed.

– The Return

Artwork from Leonid Afremov…

Lots more of Afremov’s art depicting what it is to be lost (and found) in music here

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One Response to St David’s Organ and Evan Chapman

  1. Lovely post. I like the quote from Victoria Hislop, and the percussion, particulalry the glasswork. Good luck for the organ scholarship application.

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