Meditating and Making Beer Slushies

A lot’s been going on here in Lampeter as a fresher! I moved in last Sunday and successfully unpacked all my boxes and stuck up my pictures and posters straight away (yay organised), and met my hall “flatmates”. There’s four of us (me, Florence, Faith + Kirsten) and whilst we each have our own room for sleep, study and showers, we share a lovely big kitchen/eating space (and I haven’t died of food poisoning yet so I am very pleased with myself).

Food is a big part of a fresher’s life – on the second night there was a free BBQ for everyone which was very tasty! A nearby Sainsburys is very helpful for regular meals!

I’ve had a movie night with my “next-door neighbour” Flo and watched National Treasure on BBC iPlayer (the second one’s up now too so we’ll watch the sequel later with some pizza and chips). We also made a beer slushie, very fun. 😀

I have made the choices of which modules we wanted to do (this semester I’m doing Study Skills, Christianity in History and Introduction to Biblical Studies, next semester – mid January – more history, Introduction to Christian Theology and Religion in Culture & Society). Having missed Church on Sunday due to the move I was very glad to get to communion in a midday service in the Chapel.

Unfortunately I was a bit ill for the first few days – not due to the BBQ as I was feeling off before that – and Flo thought perhaps I was adjusting to Welsh water. Don’t know, but feeling better now so yay!

We’ve also been down to meditation in the chapel – really nice. Went to meditation every now and then in my parish church in Bramhall so will be nice to be going here in Lampeter too.

More soon. Oh and I can see five sheep from my window, yay 😀




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