The Prince of Egypt, a film illustration of the Book of Exodus, was screened in 50 different languages. God does speak to us all eh? I love this song and today heard this multi-lingual demonstration which is glorious. They sing in their exodus, in their moment of freedom, of release.

Now of course the book of Exodus is a pretty difficult read and the Plagues are not easily matched with the all-loving God I and so many believe in. And I wondered as I watched it today – if you think of the snake in Genesis that caused the “fall” of humans, why would God form himself in this image when Moses held his staff before Pharaoh? Not exactly heartening is it… unless he was making the Pharaoh confront his own reflection (but isn’t there at least a spark of goodness in all of us?)… not charming anyway eh?

Now of course with context and cultural interpretation a lot of these things get “dismissed”.  It gets complicated when things contradict each other (hence going to benefit from doing a Theology degree!), but still, the exodus is one of the most important moments in the time of “God’s people”. A freeing from enslavement out into life. And that’s what this song captures.

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1 Response to Multi-Lingual

  1. Simon Marsh says:

    WAY TO GO! Wow, that’s absolutely fabulous Rach. Stunning that this multi-lingual version makes of Exodus – as I’m sure Divine Wisdom intends – a universal story, a pointer to the whole world’s “coming home” to its senses. “When you believe” … in the Divine and in everyone and everything’s having been created and sustained thereby. Thank you so much for this visionary post 🙂 x

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