Squid Poem

Challenge 2: Squid Poem
One short to normal-length line, followed by ten long tentacle-like lines, each of which could follow on from the first.

Wanted to have a quick go at the second poetry challenge before bed and wanted to think of “the ten somethings” I could talk about after a nice introducing line as the head of the poem. So I thought, why not the Ten Commandments? With all those “do nots” I often think back to my study of William Blake, and I’ve still got the anthology of poems (Songs of Innocence and Experience) all dotted with notes. One of my favourite quotes of his came when researching for contextual information; in The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (in which there are many poignant phrases) he wrote “men forgot that all deities reside in the human breast”. I like to think that Eden, what Blake called “The Garden of Love”, what we call Heaven or the Kingdom more often, was/is somewhere that God was/is a being of positivity, and not of negation.

I think the Hebrews got rather depressed at times and that all their laws were their way of trying to create order amidst Mystery which can’t be done anyway, when really all they needed to do was love God, themselves and their neighbour. Remember how Jesus rebelled against so much? A peaceful being who healed people rather than distancing himself from them and abiding by unloving laws.

Anyway… I decided for my squid poem to try writing a more positive and more inclusive version of the ten commandments…

We are the body of Christ
We love I AM, Jesus, Sophia, deep presence
We love and trust in mystery, in transcendence
We love to speak and try our best to do so well
We love to rest on Sabbath days, not buy or sell
We love to learn from our ancestors, from our blood
We love to live, breathing, on the earth, from the mud
We love to be faithful, keep promises, be kind
We love our own space, a Home where we can unwind
We love to speak truth, to trust, to smile, flap our wings,
We love to share bread and are thankful for blessings

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One Response to Squid Poem

  1. diane stordahl says:

    Absolutely wonderful. Thank you. You are a very wise, young woman.

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