Bookshelf Poem

Time has flown by and I am now too old to enter poems in the Foyle Young Poets Network. But although having found it a bit late, I like the look of the August Writing Challenge. So there are 16 poetry challenges for the month, and I thought I’d have a go myself and share them with you. Be my August-September challenge! I’ve not read what they all are so it’ll be a surprise for me and probably good for expanding my styles of writing.

Challenge 1: Bookshelf Poem
Make this poem entirely out of book titles. You can use more than one in a line if you want, and add or take away punctuation to make it flow, but you can’t chop them up or miss out words! The title can be anything you want.

Here we go… I used a book title for my title…

The Final Testament of the Holy Bible

the search for Intimacy,
the Art of Possibility,
Love and survival,
the Art of Happiness,
risking everything,
the Art of Choosing,
tokens of Trust,
the Art of Intimacy,
Love wins

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