Protecting My Room

My dog keeps running into my room to go to sleep under my bed. But her perpetual snoring is not something I particularly want in my room, especially considering she has her very own room and two basket beds. So today, before I left the house for lunch with a friend, I moved a clothes basket on the landing across my bedroom door so that the entrance would be blocked. I didn’t want to close my bedroom door because I feel very claustrophobic if air isn’t constantly streaming into my room, and I don’t leave the window open when I’m out.

But I should have known that Lucy, my dog, would have found a way in. She’s made several marks with her teeth on the basket trying to move it, but it seems she couldn’t budge it enough so she got a decent run up to jump over it and into my room.

Lucy didn’t realise however, that with much less space in my room to take a running jump, she was stuck. Hopefully she’s learnt her lesson!

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One Response to Protecting My Room

  1. PJH says:

    Typical Lucy I’d say!

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