Bowing to the West

Since my return from the vocations conference in St Chads Durham I’ve made considerable effort to deepen my prayer life. I wanted to spend more intimate time with God, and so I have been doing. I’ve enjoyed starting the day with Morning Prayer (Matins), and in the afternoon on Wednesdays enjoying listening to Choral Evensong on BBC Radio 3. Night Prayer (Compline) too has been good, reflecting on the day and getting ready for sleep.

When the gap comes for a choice between a hymn, more prayers or another canticle, I always choose to play a piece of music. Often I put my iPod on shuffle in a choral playlist. The lovely Come Thou Long Expected Jesus came up this morning, hence it being the song of the week this week.

When I came back from St Chads I realised that sometimes I take God rather for granted. And so I’ve started doing something I thought I’d never do, I’ve started occasionally genuflecting (that is, bending one knee to the floor in a bow)… and I’ve spent the last couple of days having a good laugh with God, having realised I’ve got my directions mixed up when praying in my house and have thus been bowing to the West instead of the East… not that I think it matters to God one bit mind… 😀

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