One of the first Christian songs I had on my iPod…

A couple of years ago someone asked me to sum up who I was with a word or a short sentence – not to spend hours thinking about it but to say what came immediately to mind. I remember then that I said “lost and found”, having recently found a church family and found inner peace, found what I’d been looking for and what God had been calling me to.

A few of you have emailed me today to thank me for my optimism and cheerfulness with writing and with recent videos. Yesterday, as Hillsong’s ‘Found’ came on (my iPod having been on shuffle), I reflected that if asked last night I’d probably have said “eccentric”. But upon further reflection I thought that perhaps the word “passionate” was more appropriate…

… what comes to your mind for you? Drop a comment (if all 70 of you subscribers and anyone else dropping by comment we could get a really interesting share-session going)…

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4 Responses to Found

  1. diveinscripture says:

    I would say ” Loved ” Because even with all my errors and sin, He still loves me, and the more I study Scriptures and pass what i’ve learned to others the more I realize that. Not only towards me but to the entire human race.

  2. Pat says:

    I think it would be “complex” for me.

  3. I think “questionable” – to back that up – I enjoyed your question.

  4. Simon Marsh says:

    I think “passionately listening” for me – to the heartbeat of life 🙂

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