Dictionary Game #5

Today’s been good. My videos today have shown my comic and bubbly side (the alb mentioned can be seen here), but I also had a morning of serving in Church and loving the stillness there. I’ve had a practice at bay parking, and having had a few moments in the Sistine chapel again after revising some Shakespeare and William Blake for my final college exam, I’ve had some time to read some more of The Notebook. Surprisingly different from the film so far, with a great deal more poetry and art in the book. More on that later.

But a day with crocodile impressions, stillness, driving, meditation, prayer and poetry, a dinner of chicken caesar salad and warm crusty rolls with a film and a bottle of Budweiser (getting closer to Noah of The Notebook who was yesterday drinking one on his porch while he read poetry and dreamt), I’ve certainly got a rather broad way about me.

I like trying new things, and reaching out to new ‘groups’ of people – soon I’ll head to the Quakers for a morning of, I hope, listening and learning. We can’t enjoy new discoveries if we aren’t open to change, to difference. A line from the film (Hitch) I’m now watching just jumped out at me… Live each day, as though it were on purpose.

And don’t, whatever you do, lose your childhood, innocent, springy voice…

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