Dictionary Game #1

Two exams yesterday meant I completed two of my three A-Levels. Only one exam left now and that’s the 20th of June, so I’ve granted myself the weekend off!

Treated myself to a copy of the first Harry Potter book in Ancient Greek translation! I’ll love getting into that, and to having some time to play around with my guitar, and to read. Got to finish the last chapters of a novel last night and can’t wait to read some more of another.

Can’t get carried away because in the new week I’ll need to be revising Blake’s poetry and Hamlet, but I’m making the most of this brief interlude!

After remembering about my recent post on the dictionary game, I decided to have a go…

… I’ll definitely do some more of these! 🙂

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One Response to Dictionary Game #1

  1. Simon Marsh says:

    Well done Rachael! I’m sure I couldn’t have kept going for five minutes on hoops. Though I can just about manage 5 minutes hula-hooping which does, indeed, help to keep one’s tummy in trim! I’ll look forward to seeing you on the telly one day!

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