Thankyou to David Herbert who blogged earlier today on results, relegation and relationships

Are “results” an  obsession of our age? Is the fascination for measurement and standardisation something that has grown through the industrial revolution and our increasing capacity for measurement?

…well worth taking a look at David’s site, and well worth thinking about.

The blog has reminded me of two things.

First, a book: The Art of Possibility by Benjamin Zander. A truly transforming book I carried around with me for weeks and weeks. I had it out so often that my college friends queried me about it, and when I enthusiastically informed them of its brilliance they decided I was definitely all about the art of possibility. About positivism and connections. And so The Art of Possibility became that book that sat on my lap on the college bus, and in between college lectures, and which drew cries of “Oh not again” from friends who wanted me to talk about something else for five seconds. It is no longer stuck to me with the glue it was when I was first gifted with it, but it is a kind of “me” book which will be with me always. Recommended for all, it is ultimately a book out possibility, a book about rejoicing in our gifts, in creativity.

Second David’s post reminded me of a quick and short poem I wrote earlier this year called Measurements…

Too much or too little

I used to think

but now I think differently, rather less… than more

all measurements are a comparison against something; too much compared to what, too little compared to what

size is subjective, yet set out in the reality of things

enough food for all

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