Postmodern Evangelism

Many thanks to fellow Bramhall ordinand Paul David Deakin for sharing with me his thoughts and the thoughts of others on postmodern evangelism.

To be postevangelism is to live our lives in Christ without a strategy but with the compassion and the servant posture of Jesus Christ. We do not do evangelism or have a mission. The Holy Spirit is the evangelist, and the mission belongs to God. What we do is simply live our lives publicly as a community in the way of Jesus Christ, and when people enquire as to why we live this way, we share with them an account of the hope within us. We are to love one another, and that creates its own attraction. Taking care of the sick and the needy creates all the evangelism we need.

– Eddie Gibbs and Ryan Bolger, Emerging Churches: Creating Christian community in Postmodern Cultures

I’ve loved what I’ve read of Henri Nouwen over the last couple of years…

Christian life and mission have a Eucharistic shape, with God taking us, blessing us, breaking us and giving us for the life of the world…

– The Life of the Beloved: Spiritual Living in a Secular World

Very much my attitude! 🙂

And having posted some Christian Aid envelopes through lots of houses yesterday and finding the Christian Aid image above this morning, I’m reflecting.

A while back I got asked to support a charity which sent Bibles to poorer parts of the world, and missioned to them about Jesus. I declined. I gave my money to Oxfam instead. Why? Well first off Oxfam is very good. And I would not and will never support a “charity” which persuades people to have themselves cast out of unstable societies to be stoned or starve to death having been abandoned by those kind of “missionaries” who held that this was a good way, as they then got into Heaven. You see, I believe in life before death. I believe in postmodern evangelism.

Thankyou Paul, thankyou Oxfam, thankyou Christian Aid. It’s Christian Aid week, if you can donate, please do…

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  1. Thank you for pointing us the way of Henri Nouwen.

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