RIP Grandad Jim

Dear Grandad Jim has now passed over.

Thinking about our moments together it’s nice to reflect that we had time in his house and then in St Ann’s Hospice to talk and to laugh.

Remember when you took me to play golf for the first time Grandad? I was only very small and as a mega-golf fan and a loving grandfather you were thrilled and shocked when the first time you gave me a club I chipped a ball in from the green fringe. Kind of went downhill from there though eh? Must have had a 200+ par by the end of the trip…

Remember when I pestered you constantly to watch Harry Potter with me? I’d keep you awake and hide your slippers and get you to teach me how to play chess.

Remember when I used to steal your cheese and biscuits? – Actually, quick, forget I said anything. 🙂 Mmmm…

…A lot of happy moments with Grandad Jim. He was a good grandfather, a good friend, and a good man.

He said once when I’d gone to visit that he wished he’d seen things in his life how he’d come to see them at the end. How he came to appreciate the simplicity of sitting on the edge of a lake watching ducks for hours, listening to the gentle breeze. But he didn’t need to regret anything. He lived a wonderful life and appreciated so many things, we’re always learning and growing. And I’m glad that he came to see something in those final months that brought him an ever greater sense of peace. As he moved closer to Heaven, he glimpsed it more and more.

And now in peace may he rest… and he’d better appreciate the peace because in a few decades I’ll be up there myself, pestering him to watch Harry Potter again.

As The Shack describes the colours of Heaven and Avatar shows them, Grandad Jim’s light has risen, and as he rests a part of him remains with us. Lighting us, connecting with us. Until we rise too…

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3 Responses to RIP Grandad Jim

  1. enitsirk24 says:

    Beautiful tribute. Your Grandad sounds like a gem. My condolences to you and your family.

  2. PJH says:

    I may be a glorified agnostic but I do know that God will welcome such a good and true man into heaven – a truly complicated post eh!
    Father Simon has taught many people, including me, the power of faithful understanding and I’m grateful for his and your faith at this time. X

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