A Moaning World?

It’s rained again today. Yes! Thankyou God. – Now it’s a shame that so many take that statement to be sarcastic. But I am very thrilled and thankful for the water that Britain gets a good amount of.

It’s a shame that I often seem to find myself living in a world that can’t stop moaning. That can’t seem to stop wanting more, or less, always moving and moaning.

Again recently watching the lovely Life In A Day I’ve pulled out a clip for you to watch…

Funny that so many appear to be complaining that the hosepipe ban hasn’t been lifted even though there’s so much rain. You would think it would occur that we don’t need hosepipes when it’s raining so much.

I’m cold is something I hear again and again at college. Maybe if they wore a jumper and for once brought in a coat they’d feel much warmer and cosier. And the it’s too hot comes in the summer and fresh moans come out.

I’m not guiltless… but I like to think I enjoy the world and am thankful for its beauty a fair amount of the time. Practicing emergency brakes in a driving lesson tonight a fox ran out after I’d stopped, paused and pricked up its ears, and then jumped into a nearby garden in search for food. I’m thankful there for both the emergency brake and the beautiful fox.

Will it rain again tomorrow? Well it doesn’t really bother me that much. I have several wonderful umbrellas waiting for me in the porch, and I’ve noticed that when people aren’t moaning a run through the rain has a way of bringing people together. Complete strangers huddle under neighbour’s umbrellas and laugh and scream as they run for it if they don’t have one. I like that rain can do that. The living water…

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