Voca me cum benedictus

Confutatis maledictis,
flammis acribus addictis,
voca me cum benedictus. 
Oro supplex et acclinis,
cor contritum quasi cinis,
gere curam mei finis. 

When the accused are confounded,
and doomed to flames of woe,
call me among the blessed. 
I kneel with submissive heart,
my contrition is like ashes,
help me in my final condition.

I’ve had this song in my head for several days. The piece is from Mozart’s Requiem, and I like how the sopranos calling the dead to the blessed  heaven overrule the deep and loud who say (wrongly) they will be consumed to fire.

As we live our lives, God blesses us and guides us to overrule the darkness on earth, as the gentle sopranos…

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