Jack Dawson’s Luck

Titanic is being re-released soon in the cinemas in a 3D form. Now I’m not one at all bothered by heading to 3D screenings, and I’m not one who spends a lot of money, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be heading to this. I spent an afternoon in Imax a few years ago watching a documentary about Titanic, and have been interested with my Uncle Peter in wondering why it sank, examining blueprints, and of course reading accounts of the people who were there.

Titanic is an immensely moving film. I was discussing it with some college friends recently, and was surprised that none of them liked it. “Too tragic” they said. But I remember that a lot of my high school friends had liked it, and a lot of my non-student friends do now. It is tragic, but it is also beautiful. The love between Jack and Rose is not “tragic” as those in college said. Not to me. Yes he died. And that is tragic. But they loved one another in their time, he saved her life and set her free, she lived happily, and at the end of the film really does die an old lady warm in her bed, and is reunited with him in heaven.

Tragic in a way, but very beautiful. And doesn’t it highlight the importance and value of human life…

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