Art and Creativity

Still reading my three books with the theme of silence, I’m thinking quite a lot about art and creativity today.

There’s one picture in Rowan’s “A Margin of Silence”, at the beginning and the end. It is of a painting, Le Saint Esprit according to Québec painter Benoît Côté…

… whose work you can view (and buy) on his website (click the image). I’m afraid the one above already has an owner: Mia Anderson who wrote the forward for the book. So my photograph isn’t very good, you’ll need to find a copy of the book (or Mia Anderson) to see the colourful copy! “It’s the silent presence of the Holy Spirit alongside this goosely phenomenon of the Pentecostal season that bursts upon” us Mia writes. The art and the book complement one another, even though they had never been planned to.

I’m finding Rowan’s “A Margin of Silence” a bit too academic for me. I have no previous knowledge of Russian Orthodox Theology, so it is interesting, but hard reading. (His “Silence and Honey Cakes” on the other hand is one of my favourite books, and re-reading it has brought me great delight.) Whilst “A Margin” is hard reading, it’s good reading. Handy having a dictionary in Wales to use alongside it! 😉

I’m learning quite a bit from it, and the idea of embracing our creativity has been prominent…

God the Holy Spirit is apprehended when freedom, creativity, inspiration break in… Spirit is what ‘completes’ revelation, what shows us that authority and reason are not the whole story… the Kingdom of God is the level or the realm of human life before God where liberty and creativity come to their fullness in human beings.

Sara Maitland writes briefly on the subject of art in her “Book of Silence”

… the silence seems to pour out of the work into the space around it. I came to believe that my silence was making my seeing more sensitive…

Art and creativity are important in our silence, in our lives.

Wendy Rudd’s Windsails were hugely important to me in their time in my Home Parish.

Spending time with art gives the spirit space to breathe. Being in the presence of art / creating art, almost seems to hold a mirror up to the soul. It says, are you me and am I you? Are we all that different? Am I your brother or your sister, am I your connecting bridge between Everything and You? Am I a reflection of your needs or/and your desires? Am I God’s? Am I somewhere in between? Am I a moment in unison, both? I am energy…

Hmm. Art and creativity. I wonder what I’ll be thinking about tomorrow…

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  1. Love this: Spending time with art gives the spirit space to breathe. Thanks.

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