Packing for Lampeter Retreat

Just finished packing for my retreat in Lampeter. Staying in a guest house right next to Trinity University, I plan to have a few days strolling through the hills, reading, and finding out more about the Church connection links. Trinity University is one of 5 univeristies I’ve applied to, and I’m spending time thinking about each offer before I make any final decisions.

The downside to picking Trinity University is that it really is in the middle of the countryside. But, for me, that’s also an upside. I love the stillness that I hope my trip will bring. I will, as I did for my time in Salisbury and in Durham, be writing a post of reflection each day. I’ll be handwriting them whilst there and I’ll publish them when I get back.

Night night…

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One Response to Packing for Lampeter Retreat

  1. Have fun and be blessed while you are there.
    Praying for wisdom and insight and rest as you contemplate
    where to study.

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