Breathing Space

Up early this morning for the quiet 8am service. No music, just words and quiet space for reflection. Every now and then (I value my sleep) it makes for a lovely change, and a wonderful boost.

The light slowly came through the windows, and the glass became more and more colourful, Jesus’ face at the altar ever brighter.

For several months the west side held the beautiful Windsails…

Windsails from Simon Marsh on Vimeo.

“What art offers is space—a certain breathing room for the spirit.” — John Updike

… I miss them. The tower seems surprisingly empty without them. But I am happy that they are spending time in a new home, and will bring joy to new people.

And although the windsails aren’t present to sway in the quiet spaces, they’ve taught me much. And the simple gentleness of air spoke in the spaces today. Ruach, the breath of God…

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