365 Posts in 2011

Wow. I managed to stick to the postaday2011 challenge this year, and have got a lot out of it. It’s been great for my writing, given me a great allotted slot of time to breathe away from college work and the general bits and bobs of life, and it’s given me the opportunity to connect with more people around the world through WordPress. It’s been good.

I’ve been thinking about doing “postaday2012”, and people have asked… but I think the answer is going to be no. Not next year. Why? Well next year’s a big year. I’m in my final year of college and I’ve got 6 exams to be ready for alongside the coursework I’m currently doing. And in 8 or 9 months I’ll be moving to a new place, and beginning life in university.

A big year coming. And I don’t want writing to become a burden and a worry to add to my list! It’s going to be a busy time, but I know I’ll still write often. It’s been wonderful to have you along with me as a part of my postaday2011 journey, thankyou! See you next year.

Happy New Years Eve to you. x

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One Response to 365 Posts in 2011

  1. paul deakin says:

    well done Rachael, and I am sure you have made the right decision.

    best wishes

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