Christmas Lunch

Christmas Lunch today in my Church as an occasion for those (mostly older) who were alone for Christmas, or who simply wanted the opportunity to come together with food and friends in celebration.

After saying Grace for the room, I helped serve out the food, and then tucked into some myself. Very lovely, especially the Yorkshire pud!

Had a great time with Lynn and many other friends, and getting better acquainted with people I haven’t seen much of. Was an honour to be there, and I got one of the three special party hats Janet brought in because I was deemed one of the wildest. Very very proud of myself.

I set off about 30 party poppers and chased Lynn around the room at one point… and insisted that we clean up at the end rather than in stages because it’s natural to have a mess at Christmas. Because I’d said this, Lynn then threw all the bits of party popper string onto our table, promptly running off and leaving me in my seat in the mess. I enjoyed sitting in my little straw stable… and all the wise men and women around me enjoyed grinning at me!

We also enjoyed singing some Christmas songs as Janet’s grandchildren popped in to lead us. I especially enjoyed (once I’d gotten over the shock) their screams as they realised I was there, and all four of them jumped on me at the same time. Might want to keep that in mind if they come to my all-age sermon in February!

Very very very brilliant, both for me and the rest. Again next year I hope… Churchwardens Sue & Ralph say that because it went so well we must book Janet for next year whether she likes it or not… 😀

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