Nanna’s Nativity

My Nativity Set / RachaelEliz

A surprise pre-Christmas Day visit from my grandparents late yesterday while my parents were out. My Nanna wanted to see me (they got back from their holiday at the weekend and she couldn’t wait four more days), and my Grandad wanted to see me (he needed me to “get into his computer through my computer” for him because he couldn’t do it = checking emails).

As my grandparents were leaving, I pointed to the lovely nativity set I’ve placed in the house each year since I was small, explaining (whilst grinning) that I was happy to have gotten it laid out on a special mat on the table for everyone to see when they come into the house this year – since I became ‘religious’ my parents have tried to hide it. I’ve always found it though, so they attempt to cancel it out by adding more plastic snowmen and tinsel to the lounge. Doesn’t work. 🙂 Maybe I could put a candle either side of the nativity set next year eh? 😉

My Nanna then revealed to me that it had been one of her gifts to me when I was little. I had no idea. So along with my first book of Bible stories, sharing with me my first improvised “saying Grace” before dinner, and her recent offer to take me on a trip to a monastery, my not regular Church-goer but believer in deeper things Nanna, has contributed a fair bit to the early part of my Christian journey eh? My Nanna calls weekly, demanding updates and diary dates – front row seat for my first public sermon in January… I hope Grandad manages to hide her camera. And that I don’t get distracted by her silver sparkly / leopard pattern spotted / zebra pattern striped jacket.

My Nanna goes to the Church near her house (dragging Grandad with her) in the Christmas season, and finds the modern “Our Father in Heaven” very annoying. So if my Vicar’s not changed it back to “Our Father who art in Heaven” by Epiphany, he’ll have to prepare himself for a grandmother’s telling off which I will not be able to defend him from… 😀

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