Good News Scrapbook

Today I started to fill the first pages of my new scrapbook – something I’ve never done before. I’m loving it. So far I’ve stuck in some newspaper clippings, penciled in some thoughts, and spent some time drawing pictures alongside them.

Thanks again to Tania Ahsan’s The brilliant book of calm: Down to Earth Ideas for Finding Inner Peace in a Chaotic World: yesterday’s challenge was to have a news fast – to abstain for at least one day a month from watching/reading/listening to the news. She suggests that this will help us to stop being overly paranoid that any stranger could be an ax-murderer, or that the train might blow up. I think she has a good point. Her suggestion is to get friends to pull out the happy news sections from papers for you and give you them the next day – we too often hear nothing but bad news.

So, individually rather than getting my friends to give me things (although news clippings are welcome close friends!) I’ve started a “Good News Scrapbook”. I know that this is something that will stay with me, and I’m thrilled with it! I will continue to be on the look out for good news.

Looking back over old clippings I’ve had in a small box in my room (going back to 2009 when Cadbury’s relaunched their DairyMilk bar as Fairtrade), I’ve had a joy-filled evening.  What’s that feeling I’m having this evening? What am I sensing? Ah yes – community. For example. Good message from Rachel Mann’s (ChurchTimes) article in January of this year…

“Sometimes I sense that the Church of England is like a morally constipated child jumping up and down at the back of the class with its hand in the air, sure that it has the correct answer. At one level, I want to say that we do have the answer; but that answer is more about drawing people into the creative mystery of living than about seeking to legislate for their private or public lives.

…Perhaps our real hope for the future lies less in chasing after headlines and influence, and more in offering creative possibilities shorn of obvious significance: in being poetic dreamers rather than second-rate power-brokers.”

…Good News for the CofE if everyone in it listened to that eh? 🙂

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