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Steven Sariff messaged me last night to let me know that he’d nominated me for a Liebster Blog Award. At this point I nearly had a heart attack – is this some kind of blogging Oscar, how is this possible when I have 37 email followers and not 37,000 – so I researched the Liebster Award and found that it is basically like a chain mail, and an opportunity to thank someone who reads your blog and share with your readers five other people you love. Realising that I wasn’t going to have to walk down a red carpet any time soon, I was still immensely flattered. Thankyou Steven! 🙂 Steven is a man who writes mostly about the book of James, and how Jesus’ commandments of love for our neighbours is such an important one to take on board. You can read Steven’s blog here.

So it’s time for me to nominate 5 bloggers I love eh? Before I do, let me explain what else I discovered when researching the Liebster Award – Liebster is German for Dearest. So my five top dear bloggers (in no particular order of brilliance within the top 5):

Fr Simon Robert Marsh is the Vicar of my Home Parish Church. Liberal, with Love at the heart of his ministry, Simon resides in the high end of the Anglican Church, promoting spaces of silence, of traditional and beautiful hymns (no caterwauling please), and an all-round welcoming peace. Like myself, Simon has taken up the postaday2011 challenge.

Paul David Deakin is now an ordinand at Mirfield College training to be a priest in the Anglican Church, and having been there for me since the beginning, at my baptism and more recently at my confirmation, and then continuing to journey with me on the discovery of our individual but (I think) similar vocations, has been a great friend and often guide. In his blog Paul reflects on his time as an Anglican ordinand, and having lived for a period in South Africa, is full of fabulous stories one wouldn’t normally hear of. He also likes to hike – nature is a beautiful way to find God hmm?

On a recent visit to Mirfield with Angela (friend and Paul’s wife), I met Jemma. Since then I have spent some time looking through her blog, and her writing is powerful, with clear messages, and a poetic beauty.

Off the Anglicans then for the next two – Brian is a Christian Universalist who writes on his blog called “The Beautiful Heresy”. Fascinating, uplifting and inspiring, Brian is someone to read about when you want to hear an inclusive message, and when you want to hear something different from your own view – we might not be on the same page in every situation, but we wouldn’t mind being in the same book yes?

Marc and Angel write about how to live happily. (No idea if they are Christians and it doesn’t matter whether they are or they aren’t to me because their writing is of Love – I believe God is Love but if you believe in Love but call it love or Allah or Tulip I’m sure God’s ok with it; God has a countless number of names mentioned in the Bible anyway, and YHWH seems to cover everything.) Marc and Angel give the reader things to think about, things to be motivated by, things to thank Life (God) for.

So there’s five dear blogs I read often. You’re all beautiful, thankyou for your passion, your time, your love. 😀

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4 Responses to Liebster Blog

  1. joycedevivre says:

    Hi Rachael! Awesome blog right here 🙂 Congratulations!

  2. Thanks for the shout and the love. 😉


  3. enitsirk24 says:

    Well deserved. Your blog is very inspiring and always well written.

  4. Brian Smith says:

    Thanks, Rachael. I’m flattered.

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