Children in Need 2011

I got into college early today, and settled myself into “OpenAccess” – a computer suite on the ground floor. I was the only person in there, and was looking forward to some lovely quiet time to write, read and reflect.

As my computer switched on, I saw five girls hovering outside the door. They were laughing rather loudly, and I was thinking, “Oh please, don’t you dare come in here. I’m enjoying some peace and quiet. Please don’t come in here.” Often people come into OpenAccess in groups and make a lot of noise (I am guilty on a couple of occasions). So here was me thinking there was a bunch of noisy people about to come in and wreck my peace and quiet, when after a few glances through the window at me from them, they finally came inside. All five came along and walked around the suite to stand in front of me, and then, armed I noticed with several tins and a bag full of cash, smiling politely, asked me if I’d like to buy a cake for Children in Need. I grinned. “Yeah go on then.”

Sometimes I forget to love my neighbour and to not judge from first appearances. We all do hmm?

Loving our wider neighbours is really important too. So please consider donating something to Children in Need this year. Or to any charity, to any person who needs it more than yourself. Share and love. 🙂

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