I took a trip up to Mirfield College today to visit my good friend Paul. Present at my baptism, my confirmation, and all of my first two years of Church life, and my presence as he began to explore ordained ministry, as I have, meant that when he got a yes from the Bishop’s panel and went off to Mirfield to train, I was thrilled for him. It was great to get up there with friend (and Paul’s wife) Angela for a shared Eucharist, dinner, and coffee with the students, curate and priests.

We had a laugh as well as a pray, and I just about managed to stuff the remainder of my apple down my throat as everyone stood up in unison. Wasn’t expecting that Fr Peter! My table was grinning as I just about managed to splutter out an Amen at the closing prayer.

Right before I went I realised that I had no idea what to wear. I was advised to wear black so I could blend in with the cassocks, so I dressed up as close as I could…

.. worked pretty well! 🙂

Really lovely to spend some time there. I’m sure that at some point, I will return.

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