Life in a Day

I watched Life in a Day tonight. The film (viewable for free on Youtube here) documents a single day on earth (24th July 2010) through a multitude of perspectives. Fascinating. The film has brought mostly smiles and laughter to me, but occasionally tears have approached too.  Watching it I’ve got a deep look into the very many varying cultures across the globe. We’re all so different in many ways, and yet so united in our emotions. In what we love. In what we fear. In what really matters. Wide cultural differences, but all united in simple humanity.

Tonight I’ve seen a stampede, soldiers dragging men, a photographer in Kabul Afghanistan, starving families, people losing their loved ones, fires burning. And I’ve also seen a woman gracefully skyjump; I’ve seen a new giraffe being born; I’ve seen a young man “come out of the closet” to a, it turned out, loving and welcoming grandmother; I’ve seen a proposal; I’ve seen the very funny and very brilliant marriage of two elderly people (with very funny personally written vows); I’ve seen newborn babies cradled in their parents’ arms.

The ending in particular swiftly flashes from place to place, sad to happy, destructive to healing, heartbreak to beauty. It certainly gives the viewer time for reflection. One of the last scenes features the releasing of chinese lanterns. Lasting a few minutes, the light, the smiles of people all round, brings one hope for the dark places. Brings me hope for the joining of our world.

A very beautiful film.

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