Mindfulness Meditation

Jo Bentley and Jan Bloor met with 40 eager visitors (including myself) this evening in my local bookstore to talk to us about mindfulness meditation.

It went well, and they spoke about the need for human beings to step away from the stressful, frantic view of the world and to be kind to ourselves, giving ourselves some minutes of quiet each day, learning to be present in the moment.

For those who learn more, I know it will benefit them, and I am thankful to Jo and Jan for their presence tonight. And for those, like me, who have developed a sense of belonging and confidence through other means, I am grateful anyway for their contribution to the world in another oh so necessary peaceful and loving approach. Personally I prefer silent meditation and 1-on-1 chats to a speaking guider in meditation and group discussion (these are elements of mindfulness meditation), but for those who prefer that I will be happy to recommend them a handful of sessions.

I contributed at the end of the talk by speaking to the group from my own experience of meditation, and I hope (and I think it did) that that too will give them food for thought and peace of mind.

It was also with great delight that I met an old friend whom I grew up with in my younger years (in company with regularly around the ages of 4-12), and a big hug and a promise to a lunch catch-up soon has given me another cause for celebration.

All in all, a pretty successful evening!

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