Less Tablets

Regular readers and friends will know that I’ve been struggling a bit with illness/injury for quite a while now. I’m steadily improving, and good news from the hospital gave me the prediction that I’ll be back to “normal” in 2 years – which is great because I didn’t know if I ever would be!

More good news: about this time last year I was struggling along on the maximum of 8 painkillers a day and feeling like that wasn’t enough, and had only just been able to give up my walking stick. Now, a few days in a row, I’ve managed with 2 or 3 painkillers a day, and while I still can’t run around, I’m feeling the pain much less and my body is responding much better to movement!

As for my dyspepsia (too much acid produced in my stomach) my intake of tablets for that has halved since August.

Steadily improving eh?

I’ve been “prescribed” Yoga… should be interesting!

For those who’ve been walking the journey with me, thanks for your thoughts and your love. đŸ™‚

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