Healthy Church, Healthier Me

Time for a day of quiet recovery with lots of reading today after a long week. Ahhhh… 🙂

Rowan Williams’ Silence and Honey Cakes pg 34: …one of the most obvious characteristics of the church ought to be a willingness to abandon anything like competitive virtue (or competitive suffering or competitive victimage, competitive tolderance or competitive intolerance or whatever). The church points to the all-sufficiency of Christ  when it is full of people whose concern is not to separate others from the hope of reconciliation and life by their fears and obsessions. A healthy church is one in which we seek to stay connected with God by seeking to connect others with God; one in which we ‘win God’ by converting one another, and we convert one another by our true awareness of frailty. And a church that is living in such a way is the only church that will have anything different to say to the world; how deeply depressing if all the church offered were new and better ways to succeed at the expense of others, reinstating the scapegoat mechanisms that the cross of Christ should have exploded once and for all.

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