Feeding America?

For a few days this has been the picture on my AOL log-in page, linking to a video asking for help in taking action in feeding america, about raising money to give meals to Americans who are struggling to get enough food.

Now any charity that gives food to the hungry is a fair deal, and I support it.

But feed America? Why in God’s name is that a necessary charity? America holds just 6% of the world’s population yet has a THIRD of the world’s resources.

A great deal of the American population is obese. Not all, but a lot. And I couldn’t help noticing that one of the men in the video AOL have been showing happens to be noticeably overweight.

America asks for help. And I would be happy to give it to those in need. But the fact that Americans have to ask for help from the world is downright disgusting. How could this be happening? I see the thousands of starving, thin, skeleton-like people calling out in Africa, my brothers and sisters, your brothers and sisters in the human family, and I try to understand why we don’t share more. And now I hear that some are starving in America?


I cannot stress enough how important it is to get our worldy act together. To share. To see one another as equals. None of us are perfect. But I cannot stand to see so much hurt in our world, not when it is clear that in this case we have the ability to stop it.

Whatever your religion is, I implore you to help pull people together. Whatever religion, whatever race, whatever sexuality, whatever… whoever you are, whoever people you come across are, help. We all are human beings. We are common in that. We are equals. We have enough food in our world to feed all. We just need to take action.

We just need to love one another. Is that really so hard?

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