“It has become clear to me that, in our troubled world so full of contradictions, it cannot be wisdom to assert the unique truth of one faith over another. The wise person makes justice his guide and learns from all. Perhaps in this way, the door may be opened again, whose key has been lost.”

There are some things I like about Hinduism and some things I don’t. Today I looked back to Akbar and saw a man who was known to be remarkably tolerant in the 16th century, looking equally to Hindus, Christians, Zoroastrians, Muslims and all others. Like Gandhi, he didn’t fit the stereotype. And it is hugely important that we do not let stereotypes of any religious person, or other group of people, mask them from sight.

It doesn’t matter that we have some differences as people with varying beliefs. But it is imperative, as Akbar wisely said, to stop saying that our way is the only way. We need to stop judging one another. We all need to respect and love one another. That, surely, is the way to open the door of peace on our world. Where’s the key? It’s in us.

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