Chain Reaction

Yesterday (as blogged) was our International Day of Peace. I’ve been reflecting a bit on that since.

There wasn’t as much awareness as I’d hoped, but I spread the word and wore my “Free Hugs” hoodie, with a “Be Happy” t-shirt with a smiley face on it. Generally people liked that, and a gave out a fair few hugs and got a lot of smiles. 🙂

Some people didn’t quite get it. Mark, a Sociology teacher who shares an office with my Religious Studies teacher, thought that it was International Hugs Day (as I was wearing my “Free Hugs” jumper), and so when I told him in the lift at college that the Taliban had honoured it one year, he couldn’t stop laughing. Now that my friends in his Sociology class have told me he thought it was Hugs Day and not Peace Day, I can understand why… oh that is a bit embarassing. But at least it gave him a big smile and a good chuckle for the rest of the day eh? I wondered why he kept bursting into fits of laughter every time he saw me.

So… that didn’t quite work out. 😛 But it still got me thinking… maybe we could have a World Hugs Day too eh? A dear friend once asked me to imagine what it would be like if we all stopped what we doing at a certain point in our day and hugged the person near us. If the whole world could join like that. And that’s what peace is all about.

After being led to the quote from Rachel Joy Scott (see image above), it encouraged me to encourage others to be compassionate, to show love, to share it with those we know and don’t know. A little kindness can go a long way.

I’ll tell Mark about peace day eventually. But I’ll give him a few more days of grinning. Maybe he thought I was joking, or maybe he thinks I’m a bit of a nutter. But he’s smiling, and that’s the point eh?


Rachel Joy Scott’s “Chain Reaction” reminds me of the film Pay it Forward. Give kindness to others, and spread the joy… spread the peace… spread the love…

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