To Build a Home

I’ve just got the sheet music for the piano of this piece, and having been listening to it for quite some time, I thought it appropriate to make it my Song of the Week…

A really powerful, beautiful, moving piece. When looking for a site with the lyrics so that I could link to them on this post, I found a beautiful analysis of the song from someone with the site username “dibo”. There’s a snippet below. Lyrics and the rest of their analysis can be found here.

…Although it is sad in a certain respect, I think it really speaks more to enjoying the moments we have when we have them without any expectations of permanence. In other words, we can either focus on the tragedy of the fleeting nature of these things; the difficulty of choice between a past life and a new one; or we can focus on the beauty of the moments in which we live and have lived and will continue to live…

(To hear William Haviland’s beautiful interpretation on piano, click here)

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