Star Jumps?

A long time in the college library today getting some work done. About 3 hours in my friend Ellie appeared, followed shortly by our friend Hannah. We talked quietly in a corner for about half-an-hour before heading off to another lesson.

In conversation Hannah told us that she’d been stuck at the bus-stop for an hour waiting in the (very) cold morning weather. “I was so bored and I was freezing, it was miserable!” And then (very bubbly lively positive) Ellie interjected to say “oh you see this is why self-consciousness can be so damaging. Instead of letting it get you down you could have sung a tune and done some star-jumps or something.” Oh Ellie. Just brilliant. 🙂

Self-consciousness can in deed be damaging. Be miserable or do some star-jumps? Be afraid, or take courage? It’s always your choice. It’s all about having the right attitude eh?

Star-jumps for me please! 😀

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