Year 2

My first day of Year 2 college today. My timetable was better than I thought it was going to be (even with the 3 and a half hour gap between my first and last lesson on Thursdays), and it was good to catch up a bit with some friends.

I discovered that in my A2 subjects I have 4 first-time exams in June, but only 1 in January! I’ll have English coursework due in in February, but it was great to find that out. Rather conveniently my only first-time exam in January is Philosophy of Religion (which I got 97% in last year :D), so that’s meant I can do a Classical Civilization resit in January as well and focus on getting my mark up for that, whilst getting a slightly freer and happier Christmas break than I did last year!

Year 2 Classical Civilization is all about the Romans. Whilst last year was the Greeks and I was rather clueless with absolutely no previous knowledge to the subject, the Romans are a group I know quite a lot about. Sat with a friend in the library this lunchtime (she was doing the homework we were set 8 weeks ago to be handed in this afternoon), I (surprising myself) for about 20 minutes told her all about the emperors and their dynasty and the political system. I’ve come prepared this year!

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