Yesterday I spoke of dancing as a way of expression. Dancing (as personalised movement rather than stuck repeated sequences) is a personal favourite of mine, as is music, both of which I personally can only submerse myself in completely when alone or in company with those closest to me. Dancing and music, the way I feel them in the moments, become almost transcendental experiences. Something takes over. Or rather, I become one with what is outside and within me. It is a personal experience and it is unique every time. It is something that doesn’t need to be understood. Whether playing the piano or tapping a rhythm, dance and music are for me a way of deeply hearing and feeling my emotions.

In comparison, writing and occasionally drawing are ways of understanding and exploring. A way of making sense of emotions, events and experiences in a recorded form to look back on and remember, whether just for myself or to share with others.

There are many forms of expression. And so now I ask you, how do you express yourself? Do you feel that you express yourself enough? If not, why not have a go at finding something? Bring out the ability to listen to your body and your soul. It is not something someone can teach you. But it is something you can learn. Let yourself be free, listen to yourself, connect…

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One Response to Expression

  1. alcianajohns says:

    I love to write.
    Poetry is where I go when I want to empty my system.
    But also stories and pieces that are as much as anything streams of consciousness.

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