Dance Freely

Today I took time to sit down with a novel. It is The Return by Victoria Hislop, which I saved from the charity pile which my parents formed when they sorted through their books from the attic. Published in 2008, it was a book my mum told me that she had enjoyed, but did not feel the need to return to.

The blurb told me that it was about a woman called Sonia who travels to Spain to dance and learns of the history of the place that she is staying – more specifically, of the civil war.

I have not got very far yet but already am pleased…

She recognized the music. It was one of the tracks that they had danced to that afternoon and the familiarity of its rhythm gave her confidence. It was neither too slow, nor too fast. The five minutes that followed were intimate, energetic, enlivening and physical. Almost immediately she felt the welcome synchronicity between her mind and body as her feet began to move without instruction. It was as though the invisible ropes that kept her anchored to the ground had been severed.

The next chapter describes dancing as the religion that no-one could take away. Dancing was an act of rebellion during the Civil War. A form of expression. And I find dancing still is a wonderful way of expressing oneself. The severing of invisible ropes, the setting free of a soul into a realm of expression which combined with the beauty of music, brings such peace, if you relax and let yourself breathe and really feel it

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